Glenn Saltsman established The Law Offices of Glenn A. Saltsman, PLC, in May of 2000, after working for a local personal injury litigation firm for several years.

homepage_bodyThe practice of law is Glenn's calling. He has always held a deep respect toward the law and wanted to be a lawyer at a very young age. When just ten years old, Glenn visited the Wayne County Circuit Court to view a trial. That experience enhanced what he already knew: one day he would be a lawyer who helps people and makes a difference in his community.

Glenn loves practicing law. Loving his work gives him a distinct advantage over other attorneys. Let's face it, when you love what you do, you achieve excellent results. His love for the law, his extensive experience in the field of personal injury law and his passion for helping people result in a standard of excellence that produces exceptional results.

Glenn has a strong commitment toward open and honest communication. He and his team take a personal approach toward all of their clients and handle every case in a respectful, diligent and aggressive manner from start to finish. He handles various injury cases throughout Michigan, such as motor vehicle accident and work site injuries and is a leading authority in the handling of dog attack cases. He practices in both State and Federal courts.

Many clients have referred family, friends and co-workers to Glenn's firm. It is an honor and testimonial to his level of success and his professionalism. Trusted referrals from attorneys have also enhanced his reputation for honesty and integrity in the legal community. Excellent verdicts and settlements have resulted. He handles cases for clients of all ages, from all walks of life and with many different occupations.

Please do not hesitate to contact The Law Office of Glenn A. Saltsman, PLC, if we can help you in any way.